Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heel Prick Time

     As Thomas was nearing the 24 hour mark, I was becoming a little more apprehensive.  We had a written letter from our genetic doctor to have an extra vile of blood drawn during the 24 hour heel prick test.  The extra vile was to be sent via currier to get to UIC in Chicago as soon as possible.  I explained this to each nurse as they came into our room and handed over the letter to the head nurse of the Baby Unit.  We had already discussed this with my OB and the Pediatrition.  The letter was also scanned and attached to my medical file.  It was quite the big deal!
     With each person that I spoke to at the hospital, they were all pretty amazed.  In all of their nursing years, no one had ever met a child with PKU or a PKU carrier before!  They would ask questions and explain "I remember learning about it in school and know it's important for the heel prick test, but what exactly is it again?"  I guess that my being a carrier and having a PKUer puts me in the expert category! 

     The nurse came into our room at 2:30 Thursday morning to take Thomas for the blood draw.  I had just finished nursing him and had changed his diaper.  I gave him a little kiss and handed him over to the nurse.  After I watched the nurse wheel him away, I began to pray.
     I prayed that Thomas wouldn't be hurt during the test, even though I knew he would be.  I prayed that the test results came back negative for PKU and all other disorders.  I said every prayer that I knew and then just had a conversation with God.  I told God that I knew my chances of having another PKUer and knew that I could handle a positive result, but really really really wanted to have a negative result!  I then apologized for being so selfish and reassured myself that a positive result wasn't that bad.  That things could always be worse.  I then teased myself because I had begun talking out loud and Ryan was beginning to wake up in the chair next to me! 
     Since the test was taken on Thursday morning, I figured that the blood would get to UIC by noon and that the testing should be completed Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.  I was really hoping for an answer by Friday afternoon.  Worst case scenario, we would have to wait over the weekend and get the results on Monday.  In any case, I had my little man and he is just perfect!

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