Sunday, July 8, 2012

He's Perfect!

     The next morning, our pediatritian came in to check on the little guy.  He did a regular check up and then listened for quite a while at our son's heart.  I remember looking at the doctor's face for any signal as to what was going on.  The doctor looked up and smiled.  "I don't hear anything abnormal!"  I asked "Are you sure?" 

     The doctor asked my husband what exactly did the nurse say about our little guy's heart.  Ryan told him all that she said.  The doctor said she's absolutely right.  That births are traumatic for the mothers and the babies and at times that trauma affects the heart.  He listened again to our son's heart and still didn't hear anything alarming.  I was so relieved.
     The doctor said that the nurses would continue to listen to the heart and at 24 hours old, the heart test would occur.  However, he wasn't worried that the test would show anything.  As the doctor was leaving, he turned back and smiled "Just enjoy your son.  He's perfect!"

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  1. So happy it turned out alright! That is so scary when things like that happen. We had a similar scare with our 5 month old. She spent her first night in NICU because they were concerned about her breathing, but it turned out to be just fine and they attributed it to just being brand new. =)


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