Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bathroom Makeover Continued...Color Time!

     We're making progress in our downstairs bathroom.  And it hasn't cost us that much money.  Mostly sweat, swearing, and a few tears!  We got the laminate flooring at Mendards as a remnant, and it was on sale.  We got the sink from my inlaws for free.  And now we're onto the color.
     I had purchased the color, from Menards, to paint our "Extra Room".  We're not really sure what to call this room because it has the bookshelves and computer, but it's not really used for anything else.  My husband calls it the Library- like it's some big grand room or something!  Anyways, I bought the paint back in May hoping to have the "Extra Room" stripped of wallpaper and painted by the time the baby came.  The baby came and the room hasn't been touched!  Pretty typical.
 Color match of Olympic D52-2 Comes The Dawn*
     So, we had the paint and needed to paint the bathroom.  Hello Blue Bathroom!  When we installed the new sink, it wasn't the exact same dimensions as the previous sink.  Leaving some areas with no color.   We didn't have any of the original paint left and I threw away the can without writing the color name down- meaning new paint.  Lesson learned!

See the new color on the right?  It's definitely
brighter than the previous grayish green color.
     Thus the new blue bathroom.  It's a really light blue.  To be exact "Comes the Dawn" by Dutch Boy!  I think that it makes the bathroom look larger.  Especially when the sun is shining in the window.  Three things down on the to do list and three more to go.  We're halfway there!  I'm hoping to have it and the "Extra Room" completed by Thomas' Baptism at the end of September.  We'll be having family over and I'd love to have these rooms finally finished.  We'll see how far we get.  On the bright side, the hubby and older kids are back at work (meaning few distractions) and we all know that I have sooooo much time on my hands!  So maybe we'll meet my deadline.
Replace the flooring
Replace the sink
Paint the walls
Find and hang up wall art
Paint the tub tile back splash
Create privacy with the windows
Vanity- I'm not sure yet, but it needs a make-over

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