Friday, August 24, 2012

PHE Levels...results

     Well, we got the latest blood test results for the kids.  Thomas is still low, 1.1.  Dianne isn't worried, she feels that he's just growing and I need to nurse him more often.  Lily's results came back with another surprise.  She was 8.8 and now her results are 3.3, back in the normal range.  We can't quite figure it out.  Lily wasn't sick and her diet and formula didn't change. 

      Dianne is thinking that maybe Lily was teething with a low grade fever.  We didn't notice a fever but again, it is summer in Illinois!  So we're always hot.  Lily has never been fussy when teething and she did recently get her last molars in.  So, it's a definite possibility!  When you're body has a fever, it doesn't break things down as well as it normally does.  Most of the time it's no big deal, but with PKU people, your body already isn't breaking it down. 

     I'm taking another level today.  I'm hoping that this one also comes back in the normal range and that the 8.8 was just a one time thing. 

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  1. I hope it's normal too. My little guy who is 8 months now had the biggest swings and we could never figure it out. His levels would go up drastically when he was sick. We actually have him on Kuvan now and it made a world of difference. He was sick last week and his level stayed pretty stable. I was waiting for his dietician to call me and tell me it was high. Hopefully Lilly's is back to norm!

  2. My Carson always had a high level when he cut any teeth, even if he didn't have a fever that I found. And some of us have noticed also that they sometimes have high levels before we even know they are sick. Some things are so strange. Not to worry!


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