Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Phe Results....Not what we were expecting!

     I just got a call from our dietitian with the kids' latest blood test results.  Thomas was a 1.9...AWESOME!  Remember, their goal is between 2-4.  Lily however was WAY off.  She was an 8.8!  Right away Dianne asked if Lily was sick when I took the blood test.  Sadly, the answer was no.  So now, we'll be taking another test and hope that the results are much lower. 
Taken by my sisters, Jamie and Stephanie.
     It could be a total mistake and she was just high for a day.  I'm hoping that's all it is.
Taken by me. 

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  1. Oh man! Remember to take it in stride! The goal is consistency but sometimes we mess up! Here's to hoping that a much lower number comes in this time!


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