Saturday, October 6, 2012

Drowning In Debt...

     It seems like everyone is drowning in debt.  That seems to be the norm.  I'm so tired of being normal!  I don't enjoy stressing over bills, never being able to balance my checkbook, wondering if we can make it ___ # of days to the next paycheck.  I know most families live paycheck to paycheck, we are and I'm tired of it.  Winning the lottery isn't likely to happen (since I don't play it).  Taking on a day job isn't really an option, since I'm staying at home with our little ones.  Getting a night job isn't going to happen, since the hubby is terrified of being responsible for all four kids!  So, the only option is get our spending under control and pay the debt off the best we can.
     Ryan and I have made so many budgets that I can't even count.  We've cut up credit cards just to reapply for new ones.  We've set money aside in the savings account only to have to transfer it to checking to pay a bill.  We're in the middle of a never ending struggle.  We used to have a lot of money arguments and some money fights.  Lately, we're just too tired and sick to even bother discussing it.  That's not good for our relationship or our money.
     So, I decided to try to take a pro-active step in working on our money issues.  I signed up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  I'd listened to him on the radio and liked his straight to the point advice.  We need someone to tell us what to do and what not to do.  Even though it seems pretty obvious- don't buy unnecessary things....we still do it. 
     I was really nervous about the 9 week course.  It was at a local church that I didn't belong to and I was afraid that it would be too hard.  That I would be uncomfortable talking about our finances, our struggles, and just how much debt we have.  And IT WAS!  Money is not a fun subject to talk about, unless you have it!  "Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm Drowning in Debt." HI KELLY!
     It's not enjoyable talking about how much money you owe and that you have no idea when it will be paid off.  Not to mention, how much money you've pissed away in just the APR alone.  Even though I was scared, it was something that I (WE) were going to follow through on.  Ryan was going to stay home with the kids and I would attend the classes.
     The first meeting was awkward!  Everyone was quiet, probably because they didn't want to share their financial nightmares either.  We watched the first Dave Ramsey video, had discussion questions, and went home with an assignment.  The video was awesome!  Dave is a very charismatic speaker and really got me excited about this adventure.  By the time I got home, I was feeling "We can totally do this!"  However, about 2 days later and after spending about $20 on McDonald's, I had second thoughts. 
     I've realized that the problem isn't that I don't know how to save, it's that I don't know how NOT TO SPEND!  It's so easy, to whip out that debit card.  And before I know it, we've spent all of Ryan's paycheck.  By the way, he only gets paid twice a it's a looooong stretch before we've got cash in the bank account again. 
     What I'm hoping that this class will show me, is how to change my behavior.  I'm hoping that Dave Ramsey will kind of act like my therapist!  Because that's what I really need....a MAJOR behavior change in how I spend and save money.
     Wish me luck because I'm really going to need it :)

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