Monday, October 22, 2012

Growing Pains

     I'm typing this with an inconsolable baby on my lap!  Over the past few days it's been difficult to calm him.  His stomach has been so hard and he's having difficulty burping.  Thomas is still nursing and getting 12 ounces of Periflex Infant formula each day.  He's also eating non-stop!  I'm actually starting to have a hard making enough milk for him.
     Thomas is growing ALOT.  He's in the 95% for length and 90% for weight.  He's 3 1/2 months and already weighs over 15 pounds and is wearing 6-9 month clothes.  I've never had a big baby before! My other three were always in the average to low range when it came to their length and weight.  Lily (3 yrs) and Chloe (10 yrs) are actually on the the small side.  They're both real petite girls.  Andrew (12 yrs....gasp) is also on the shorter side but is starting to go through a growth spurt.

     I think that part of the reason that Thomas has been so upset is that he gulps his formula down so quickly.  We burp him in the middle of the feeding but he's still pretty gassy.  When I'm nursing him, he gets so upset.  I think that he's used to the bottle feeding him quicker than I can!
     Last month at his PKU doctor's appointment, Dr. Hoganson kind of addressed this.  He mentioned that Thomas might need baby cereal at 4 months!  I wasn't surprised, because he'd mentioned that with Lily also.  But Lily was getting enough phe with nursing and was satisfied.  Thomas is getting enough phe from nursing but isn't satisfied.
     With Lily, I was able to put off the baby cereal until she was 6 months.  Once they start food, then I have to quit nursing.  Otherwise, it's more difficult to know the exact amount of phe they're getting and it's more difficult to monitor.  Our 2 older kids (who don't have PKU) were nursed until they were 1.  They were able to eat all of their foods and still get nourishment from me without any problems.

     I love nursing my children because of all of the benefits that it provides.  I know that the longer you nurse your children the more DHA and antibodies they get.  I guess that's why I'm not ready to give up nursing just yet.  We've got a couple of weeks before Thomas turns 4 months and our next appointment.  We'll see how it goes!

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