Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Purge For a New Year

     Advent is much closer than I realized.  That's right...Thanksgiving is in 2 days and Christmas is in 30 days.  That means that Advent is right around the corner.  I've decided on a couple of things. 

1.  Instead of making New Year's Resolutions, that are never followed, I'm going to make a short term goal that begins with Advent.   To me, Advent is about hope.  Hope that I will be a better person, just as God and Jesus intended me to be.  So, I've finally decided to take action.

2.  I want my life to be simpler.  I want less "stuff" in my life...junk, clutter, extra work, headaches, stress, etc.  I want to purge this existing crap and make my life better.  So it all begins with Advent


     Here's how I'm hopefully going to accomplish this.  I want to seriously go through every nook and cranny of the house, basement, and garages.  I want to be able to throw away and donate a garbage bag for every day of Advent.  I think that if I take a little bit at a time, it will get done.  It's when I get this huge idea of tackling one room, that I get overwhelmed.  I get sentimental about little things that don't matter.  Like a teddy bear from a 3rd birthday, that was never really played with.  My family knows me.  We have bins and bins of clothes and toys that might get used again and might not.  I have tons of things from teaching that might get used again and might not.  I probably have hundreds of books in our house. 
     If I'm really being honest, I know that the books won't get read, most of the toys won't get played with, and by the time the little ones are ready to wear the hand me downs- they'll be really out of style.  Every time I look at our garage, go through cabinets, and stare in the closets I have a little bit of a panic attack.  I love having an organized life and house.  However, I'm also a little bit (ok, a major) pack rat.  So the two conflict quite a bit. 
     I am now finally committed to getting this done.  I've been sticking with our budget and am making a dent on our debts.  This is just one more thing that will better myself and my family.    Even though Advent doesn't start for a few days, I'm going to start today!  I've got a roll of garbage bags and I'm excited, if not a little nervous, about letting go.  Ryan reminded me that my memories are in my children and in my heart, NOT in the stuff.  I can always take photos of the stuff if need be!
     Wish me luck! 
P.S.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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