Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Low Protein Pizza Bagels

     I'm trying to get a little more creative with Lily's food.  We absolutely love the convenience of ready made packaged items, but I'm wanting her to try new things and watch us make low protein foods.  We were making pizzas for the rest of the family and Lily and I made her some pizza bagels.  She helped with everything and had so much fun assembling them.
     We used Cambrooke's Onion flavored bagels, regular pizza sauce, and Daiya Mozzerella Cheese Shreds.  The bagels are 24phe/bagel, the cheese is 2.89 phe/gram, and the pizza sauce ranges from 0.57-0.67 phe/gram.
     To get an accurate phe content, I sliced the bagel in half and placed one half on the scale.  Then I zeroed it out and we applied the pizza sauce (I wrote down the grams).  We zeroed out the scale again and applied the cheese (wrote down the grams).  The cheese is the weight that you really need to pay attention to.  It's got a lower phe content than regular cheese, but it's easy to put a lot on and not realize how much phe you're eating!

     We then cooked the bagels in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes.  The Daiya cheese does melt, so I just kept checking on the bagels.  The cheese doesn't melt and turn a golden color, like our pizzas, so don't leave them in too long waiting for the same effect!  I've noticed that the PKU foods don't cook the same as my foods, so I've accidentally burned a lot of Lily's food- waiting for it to look the same!

      Lily ended up loving the pizza bagels and ate all 4 slices!  This is going on the list of favorites and it was super easy to make.  The best part, was that Lily got to help and had so much fun making them.

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