Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Food Time! #PKU

       Thomas has started eating Rice Cereal and he LOVES IT!!  I'm pretty sure that he's been waiting for a long time to be able to eat.  I just wasn't ready!  He's most likely our last one and I just want him to be little for a while longer.  He's already 7 months old and has been wearing 12 month clothes for over a month now.  So, he's not really little and that makes it even harder to see him getting to that next stage.
     He now receives 2 tablespoons of the cereal each day.  One tablespoon is 15 phe.  I end up mixing it with his formula and feeding it to him.  Most of the time he attacks the spoon!  We just got back a phe level and it was 2.1, so now we can up his cereal by another tablespoon.  He's taking in about 20 ounces of formula a day and is still nursed a little bit (mostly at night and when he's ready for a nap)
     Pretty soon, we'll be starting regular jarred baby foods.  I know that my little guy is going to love it and I'll be the good mommy and cheer him on.  My little ones are growing up.  Everyone told me it would happen so fast, and they're right.  I've got a boy going on 13 (in 1 month), a girl going on       20-something 11, a 3 year old, and a soon becoming independent baby!
The whole family got excited about Thomas eating!


Ofcourse, Big Sister Lily wanted to help!

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