Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#DIY Boot Zipper Repair

  Chloe got a really cute pair of boots for her birthday this summer!  The first time she put them on, one of the zippers came undone!  Of course we no longer had the receipt and couldn't return or exchange them.  I just couldn't throw them out because they were so dang cute.  I decided to hang onto them and promised myself that I'd find a way to fix them. 
     The zipper teeth weren't broken and there was no gap between them.  The zipper itself wasn't broken and worked great.  The problem lied in one tiny area.  The zipper would zip like normal and in one area, the teeth would start to separate.  Then the entire zipper would come undone.  It was so frustrating.  I tried rubbing pencil lead on the zipper teeth, spraying WD40 (while protecting the leather) on the teeth, and a few other crazy suggestions.  None of them worked.

     Eventually (like 7 months later), I got around to actually fixing the boots. Since the problem area was at the bottom of the zipper, I decided to sew them shut! I sewed several lines where I wanted the zipper to stop at. Then I sewed a few more lines underneath the stopping point. This would prevent the zipper from unzipping at the bottom.

  Since the problem area was so low, Chloe can still slide her foot inside the boot.  She just unzips them to the new stopping point, puts them on, and zips them up.  The extra sewing lines are keeping everything closed where it should be.  Now Chloe's able to finally enjoy her birthday present!  Fortunately they were a little big this summer, so the boots still fit!

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