Wednesday, February 13, 2013

40 Days Until Sanity!

     Back during Advent, I really started clearing out our house.  I got quite a bit done but at some point I just stopped.  Our little garage has about 10 garbage bags and 3 boxes full of stuff to be donated plus who knows how much got thrown away and recycled.  And it's just sitting there!  I will be dropping it off this week and that got me going again on the whole purging thing.
Here's February's calendar.  I needed to make it cute
so that it would at least be fun to look at my list of to-do's!
     We have a realtor coming to our house next week and I decided whether we sell or not, I need to finish what I started.  So here we go again.  Like before, I've made a list of what needs to be done.  Unlike before, I broke it down into smaller steps so that I can complete the chores. 
     When most people hear that I stay at home with our little ones, they falsely assume that I have all the time in the world.  Well after getting four kids up and ready to go for the day, I'm just a little exhausted.  Then I need to keep up with the laundry, dishes, meal planning, cleaning of the house, daily chores, and actually spend time with my little lovelies.  Then you add in MOPS and story time at the library, I'm a little short on time!  (I'm not complaining- it's hard being a working mom-I've done that, but being a stay at home mom is also very hard)
     So, to get the "extra" cleaning and purging done, I have to break it into attainable small chores.  So I basically made a list and then a chore calendar!  I also want to update each kiddos' baby book and journal.  The journals I started when I was pregnant with each one.  I've kept them going and write about great events or silly things that happen during their lives!

     Here's my list of "extra" purging/cleaning areas.....

1.  Kitchen- clean out & organize cabinets
2.  Kitchen- hard core scrubbing of cabinets, woodwork, and light fixtures
3.  Kitchen- scrubbing of walls and caulk around counter tops
4.  Kitchen- touch up painting and scrub calcium water stains around faucet
5.  Laundry/Mud Room- go through board games, coats, hats, gloves
6.  Toy Room- clean out & organize toys
7.  Toy Room- clean out & organize toys
8.  Toy Room- finish picture wall & other wall art
9.  Downstairs Bath- clean out & organize cabinets
10.  Downstairs Bath- hardcore cleaning
11.  Living Room- clean out movies, video games
12.  Living Room- clean out & organize kids' books
13.  Living Room- clean out stuffed animals
14.  Sewing Room- clean out fabric, crafts drawers, & Andrew's Legos  
15.  Upstairs' Bath- clean out & organize closet and cabinets
16.  Upstairs' Bath- hardcore cleaning
17.  Master Bedroom- clean out & organize dresser drawers
18.  Master Bedroom- clean out closet
19.  Master Bedroom- clean out & organize closet
20.  Master Bedroom- hang up wall art
21.  Andrew's Room- clean out & organize dresser and desk drawers
22.  Andrew's Room- clean out & organize closet
23.  Andrew's Room- clean out under bed
24.  Chloe & Lily's Room- clean out & organize closet
25.  Chloe & Lily's Room-  clean out under bed
26.  Chloe & Lily's Room- clean out & organize dressers
27.  Small Garage- clean out freezer
28.  Small Garage- clean out book shelf
29.  Small Garage- clean out shelves
30.  Small Garage- organize
31-40.  Large Garage- clean out (this garage is basically our basement- FULL of stuff)

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