Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Weeks Left of #40bags40days

     That's right we're two weeks away from Easter and my Lent long purge fest!  I've been working really hard to go through each room, get rid of all that we don't need, organize, and breathe.  It's been tough at moments because I remember where and when we got everything.  The hard part is the kid stuff.  But we're all working together and it feels amazing.  The other day, the Salvation Army showed up and picked up 29 garbage bags full of stuff along with 4 boxes.  That's A LOT of STUFF and I'm not even done with my list! 

     I still need to clean out Andrew's room and the 2 garages.  The garages are the most terrifying part of the list.  We use the garages like a basement.  Everything is stored and hidden in the garages.  I guess it could be worse because at this point, we're still able to pull the cars into the garages.  But trust me when I say, we can barely get in and out of the car doors!  I'm hoping that the weather gets a little warmer this week so that I can finally tackle the bane of my existence.
      Not only will I celebrate Easter because of Jesus, but I will celebrate because I'm tackling a lot of the disorganization in my life.

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