Friday, April 19, 2013

Our House For Sale

     We tried a little over a year ago to sell our home by ourselves.  Obviously, it didn't sell.  We had about 4 families that came to see our home and ZERO offers.  I know that the real estate market still isn't that great, but I'm thinking that the real problem was us!

     We just weren't up to the task, had no idea what we were doing, and just didn't have the extra time to put into open houses and marketing.  So, we've taken the next step.  We're working with a realtor.  We had 4 realtors from 4 different companies come out to our home and give us their professional opinion.

     One said that it wasn't really worth the effort because our house would never sell.  Another said that she'd get back to us and of course never called.  One was more worried about what we could buy than selling our house.  Each of them just didn't give us any respect nor were they willing to work to get our house to sell.
     Our house is a great house in a wonderful area.  Houses just aren't selling in a week, so that means that a realtor does have to work a little harder to make a sale.  The previous realtors, in my opinion, were just too selfish with their time that they didn't want to put in the effort to sell a house where they weren't going to make a huge profit on.
Front Porch

     Then realtor #4 came over.  She's really excited about working with us and has a positive attitude.  Not once, did she try to find out what we could afford for our next home.  She knows that before we get to that point, we need to be able to sell this one.  She's an honest realtor and is already marketing our home!  Our home has only been on the market since Tuesday, but there's already been some talk about our home.  I'm thankful for this realtor and hopeful that she'll be able to help our family get to a new home.
Family Room

     If you're in the northern Illinois area and looking for a realtor, I highly recommend Patti Jo Vincer from Keller Williams Realty Signature.  Ryan and I really like Patti and know that she's doing everything she can to help our home sell!  You can find her on facebook here.
     If you're looking to buy a home in northern Illinois, well please check our home out here!
Double Lot

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