Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lily's #PKU Menu Plan

     I've been trying to get a little more creative with what we feed Lily.  Since we do receive some assistance with her PKU food, we do have the luxury of ordering food from Cambrooke, Maddy's, and other low protein manufacturers.  I'm sure that because we have these awesome foods in our home, I don't really attempt much in the low protein department.  Sadly, I do rely heavily on the packaged foods.  Lily loves them, I know exactly how much phe she's getting, and to be honest- they're pretty easy to make up.
     My goal is to become better at making more foods and using the 5 low protein recipe books that we have!  I've always wondered what a typical menu plan looks like for other PKU families.  What do you eat for all of your meals?  Do you try to make the PKU food similar to the "regular" food that you're serving?  Are most of your PKU meals made from scratch or do you use a lot of store bought foods?  How much "regular" do you put into your PKU meals? 
     Since I have these questions, I thought that other families might also.  So, here's what Lily's weekly menu plan looks like.  Since we're finishing up track season and starting softball season, we've been doing WAY TOO MUCH fast food, so there hasn't been a lot of home made meals in the past couple of weeks.  Don't worry though, track just finished and school is almost over, so the madness of running everywhere is starting to slow down!  Thank goodness.

     I have found a new site that has some AWESOME recipes for PKU.  It's called Cook For Love.  Now that things are slowing down and I've realized that I make Lily the same things over and over.  I'm going to make more of an effort to try new recipes and not rely on premade items so much.  Wish me luck!
  Here's a little more information about Cook For Love....

Cook for Love is a non-for-profit dedicated to the PKU community.  Our mission is to empower members of our community to improve their health through cooking and education.  Our goal is to dispel the myth that, given severe dietary restrictions, people on low protein diets must settle for less.
Cook for Love evolved out of sheer stubbornness (the Irish in us).  As moms, we refused to accept that our children had to eat foods that we did not find palatable.  Providing nourishment is one of the most basic responsibilities of any parent.  The stakes are just so much higher and the road so much more complicated when your child is diagnosed with PKU.  When we received that devastating phone call, we too were lost and did not know where to begin.  The kitchen seemed like a good place to start.  Cooking for a person is an expression of love.  Never is that statement more true when your child’s ability to reach their potential is dependent upon the foods they eat.
Cook for Love is committed to creating low protein foods that taste delicious.  We struggled in our kitchens when our children were diagnosed with PKU and by sharing our recipes we wish to help you avoid some of the frustration we experienced. We provide step by step instructions and videos for making meals and treats that you and your loved ones will truly enjoy. 
Whether you love to cook or are doing it solely out of love, please join us as we share new recipes and our experiences. 

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