Saturday, May 25, 2013

#PKU Stinks!

     Lily is 3 1/2 and is completely aware of her PKU and all of the restrictions that goes with it.  She knows that she can't have certain foods and that her food needs to be weighed and accounted for.  She knows that we keep track of her phe and are continually making her drink her "milk."  The strange thing is that it doesn't bother her, much.
     Lily's great about all of the restrictions.  We don't put her dietary restrictions on the rest of the family.  This PKU journey is our family's but I don't think that it's right to make the other kids have to change their diet, so that Lily doesn't feel left out or have her feelings hurt.  She's going to encounter foods that she can't eat and I feel that it's my duty to teach her that and show her how to adjust.

Here's Lily at the March for Babies Walk!

     With that said, Lily's gotten into some strange habits regarding our food.  She likes to smell our "regular" food!  Anytime, we're eating something new, Lily asks "Can I smell it?"  At first, it was really weird.  I mean, who wants to smell someone else's food.  And do I really want to eat it after Lily has had her nose all over it?  But because she's so cute and asks so nicely, I let her smell my food.  Then I started to wonder, is this just the curiosity of a 3 year old or is it because her foods smell and taste so different from mine?
     To me, Lily's PKU food is much blander than our food.  I'm sure you can add more seasonings and spice things up a bit.  But Lily is still 3 and doesn't like "speecy" food!  We no longer think it's weird that Lily wants to smell our food, but other family members (grandparents, aunts, etc) have noticed Lily's strange question.  So, now I"m many of you have had your PKU kids ask to smell your food?
     Maybe, it's just our little Lily being curious because she knows our food is off limits.

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