Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#Curiosity In A Jar!

     I'm always trying to think of something to make dinner a little less mundane.  Sadly, it isn't my cooking that does it!  Instead it's the little things that we talk about at dinner.  With a teenager, a tween, a preschooler, and a baby, our dinner conversations are usually well....non-existant.
    Over a year ago, I started adding something to our dinner.  It started out by reading about Saints.  Each of us (who can read) would read about a Saint.  We also incorporated these family dinner time questions.  At times, we read president, state, and country cards from National Geographic.
     The most recent thing that I added to our dinner talk was Curiosity in a jar!  The company, Free Spirit Publishing, no longer makes this particular product, but I did find quite a few that I'm going to have to check out. Here are some of the ones that I'm probably going to get and add to our dinner discussions-  Chill Skills, Manners, and Think Twice.  There are so many different jars that you can get.  I saw a few that are geared more towards my older two kids and I'm thinking about getting these for their stockings- Girl Talk and Teen Talk.

    Anyways, the Curiosity in a jar has odd facts.  There are over 100 cards in the jar and each card has an interesting fact.  We started out taking turns reading a card at the dinner table.  I realized that the facts are short ones, so they weren't really sticking with the kids.  That's when I decided to make a little change.
     I started writing a fact on Lily's dry erase board, which is on the fridge.  When I was subbing in 6th grade, I did the same type of thing.  We call it our Did You Know fact.  We're all having fun learning about some really strange and peculiar things.  Here's just a few....

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