Monday, August 19, 2013

Bean Salad Recipe and Meatless Meal Monday Link Up #17

    We're getting ready for school to start around here.  Only 2 more days, and no I'm not getting impatient!  It's been a great summer and I love having everyone home, but the little ones have had a summer with few naps, late nights, and early mornings.  So, I guess I'm just ready for a normal schedule.  The big kids are missing their friends and are so ready for sixth & eighth grade!  I'm not so ready for that part.  I just can't believe that they're already that old.  Each year flies by so quickly and I know that we try to make the most of it, but they're getting too big too fast!
     Anyways, I've got a new recipe to share for this week.  Today's recipe isn't really PKU friendly because it has beans in it, but looks tasty.  The Chaos and the Clutter shared her Bean Salad with Molasses recipe.

     "This salad is fresh tasting and has just the right amount of sweet and zing thanks to the dressing to have you going back for seconds (or maybe even thirds)! It’s healthy and would be a great dish to bring along to potlucks."  To get the recipe, just open up the link above.

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