Tuesday, August 20, 2013

With Age Comes.....Allergies!?

     I'm learning that as I get older my body changes.  There's the obvious wrinkles and gray hairs, but it's much more than that.  I'm developing allergies!  Only in the past 4 years have I started having seasonal allergies.  I've also found that I'm allergic to nickel (makes it hard to wear cheap jewelry).  But now has come the biggest allergy of them all.....pine trees!

    That's right pine trees.  I've always loved the smell of pine trees especially at Christmas time.  However, pine trees don't love me back.  On Friday I was mowing the lawn and got a little close to our 2 pine trees.  I didn't really think much of it.  Until Saturday afternoon.  I developed a few red splotches on my arms and my right eye had a little red patch next to it.

     Then came Sunday.  My eyes and nose were swollen!  I didn't really look like myself at all.  But that wasn't the worst.  As the day progressed and turned into Monday, the reaction got worse.  My left eye became swollen shut, my nose was HUGE, the red splotches had spread down my arms, chest, stomach, and back.  Now I looked really different.
     So, now I'm enjoying a Benadryl cocktail, laced with anti itch ointment, and topped with a steroid pill!  I'm just hoping that this knocks the pine tree allergy out of my system quickly, because pretty soon it's meet the teacher night.  I'm really not wanting to make a bad first impression, I don't want anyone to think I'm a zombie or something!

     As it turns out, my mom developed a pine tree allergy in her adulthood too!  Makes me wonder what other new and unexciting things will come my way as I try to gracefully grow older!
     So, has anyone else noticed new allergies as they're gotten older or after they had children?  Just wondering if it's just me.

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  1. Yes. I have. I'm 37. Took a while, but finally figured out I have developed an allergy to Red Dye 40 about a year and a half ago. So I have to read all food labels, medication, and makeup. My eye (usually one side at a time, thank God) swells shut like yours in the photos, and I sometimes get hives on my neck and shoulder area. I even have to get Children's Dye free Benedryl in liquid form, because Benedryl, a medication that is supposed to help with hives, also has Red 40 in it, which causes hives in me. I cannot believe medications use it. It's insane. I have always been sensitive to bugs and bug bites, and Red 40 is made with crushed bugs, so I guess I'm not surprised. Last time something got past me, my eye swelled shut for a full week. I feel for you. It's no fun. It's very difficult because Red 40 is in so many food items, you'd be surprised.

  2. I completely believe it! My friend is allergic to the same dye. I had no idea how common it is to have that in foods and other items until she told me about it. I guess the good thing is I got 37 years under my belt without the allergies and now at my age, I'm pretty good at handling surprises now!


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