Saturday, August 24, 2013

Late Summer To-Do List!

     Summer is finally coming to an end.  It was so much fun- California, Wisconsin, camping, fun, and FAMILY!  With all of the craziness of summer- softball, summer camps, scouts, etc.  I never actually completed any of my to-do lists.  You would think that I'd have a lot more time to get things done since the weather would be cooperating and I'd have 3 extra people home to watch the 2 little ones.  Well....having 3 extra people home actually makes it harder to complete a task!

     So, now that Ryan and the older kids are back at school, I'm knocking out the to-do list.....

1.  Repaint porch floor
2.  Paint garage doors
3.  Repaint upstairs' bathroom ceiling
4.  Recaulk upstairs' bathroom shower
5.  Finish painting & waxing end table
6.  Paint kitchen table & chairs
7.  Organize Mommy School
8.  Finish baby books
9.  Finish photo albums from 2008!
10.  Finish pregnancy journals for Lily & Thomas!

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