Monday, August 5, 2013

Low Protein Veggie Casserole & Meatless Meal LInkup #16

     The other night, I made a vegetable and ham casserole for the family to eat.  I'm really working on trying new things for Lily and Thomas and have them similar to what we're eating (sounds like you've heard this before, right?)  This time, I mean it....

     We started with frozen mixed veggies- corn, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, and carrots.  I thawed them in the microwave and put them in a glass cooking pan.  We added a cooked Cambrooke mushroom burger (she'd had those the other night and one was left over).  We added Daiya Cheddar cheese to the casserole.  For the sauce, we added Kraft Creamy Italian dressing.


     Here's the phe breakdown....

Cambrooke Burger- 51 phe per burger

Daiya Cheddar Cheese- 2.9 phe/gram

Kraft Creamy Italian Salad Dressing- 0.09 phe/gram

Carrots- 0.33 phe/gram

Peas- 2.00 phe/gram

Cauliflower- 0.70 phe/gram

Broccoli- 0.85 phe/gram

Corn-  1.55 phe/gram

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