Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY Preschool Calendar Time #Homeschool

     As a former elementary teacher, I'd always have calendar time with my class.  My homeschool class of
1 1/2 (Lily and Thomas) is no exception!  Now, in the classroom I had a whole set up for morning calendar time.  At our house, well... we live here and don't have a designated space for Mommy School (other than a kitchen counter!)  So, I went to Dollar Tree to help me out.

I got a poster board, calendar, calendar numbers & holidays, calendar months, color chart,
shape chart, letter chart, weather chart, blue sticky tack, and a hanging pouch- $1 each!!

     We start by talking about the month and singing our month song.  It usually ends up with her asking if this is her birthday month.  I keep reminding her that it's not until October, which leads to the question "Is tomorrow October?"
     Find our Calendar Song on my YouTube channel- here.  We added a second month song, because Lily loves it!  She really likes how the song video changes with the seasons.  We don't sing this during calendar time, but she likes to watch the video occasionally.

     After the month, we talk about the day.  Lily knows a lot of her days just because we have a routine of library times, MOPS, Sunday School, etc.  We also sing our day of the week song.  You can find it here. We end up singing the song 2 times because it's so short.

     We also have a shape, letter, number, and color of the week.  I post those on our Calendar Poster.  Since we're limited in our room for Mommy School, I have the calendar items all on 1 poster board.  I keep the poster board clipped to our Wardrobe in the laundry room.  Then when it's school time, I just unclip it and bring it to the kitchen.  It works great for our space.  On my YouTube channel, I have some other songs that we occasionally watch during Mommy School.

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  1. I did calendar time and songs just like this when my oldest was 2 and 3. Now that he is 5 and my little girl is 3, I let it go by the wayside, but could really stand to go back to it for my daughter =) Thanks for showing us what you do!


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