Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#PKU Informational Flier

     A few years ago, I was taking a couple of classes to get my teaching certification in science and social science.  In my Science class (Biology), I had to create an informational flier about a genetic disorder in people.  Well, at that time PKU was in the forefront of our family.  Lily was born just a couple of months prior and I was still battling my depression with her diagnosis.  Well, today I was cleaning out my hard drive and came across the flier.

     I'm proud of what I researched and created.  I remember being so confused about the science part of it because it was more emotional to me at the time.  I can now talk about Lily's and Thomas's diagnosis and not well up with tears.  I can watch the video of Lily's heal prick and not grimace.  I am a better mother because of my children, all of them.  But, I'm certainly a better person because of PKU.
     Here's a copy of the flier.  Please feel free to hand it out if you'd like. I only ask, that you keep my name and web address on the flier. Unfortunately, I can't find the reference sheet that went with the flier.  I did find the images on google and most of the information is listed with the sources.  
      Thank you so much for sharing in our journey.  You can download a copy of the flier, for free, from my Teachers Pay Teachers store:  click here.

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