Saturday, September 7, 2013

Camping With PKU! Easy Meal Idea

     A couple of weeks ago, the family went camping.  This was the first time that Thomas was camping and only the 3rd time for Lily- 2 of hers were in the backyard!  We were hoping that the little ones would enjoy it and not be too loud for our fellow campers.
     There are two meals that we love to make while camping.  One is a hot foil meal for dinner and the other is of course 'smores.  Ok, 'smores isn't actually a meal, but when you eat 3 of them, it seems like it!    
      We wanted Lily's food to be similar to ours, so we just removed the meat from the foil dinner.  For the 'smores, we used Cambrook's cha cha chocolates (5 phe per piece) and Kinnikinnick's Graham crackers (5 phe per cracker.
     For the foil dinner, we just throw everything into aluminum foil and wrap it up.  Then we put it right in the fire and let it cook for about 15 minutes.  With Lily's and Thomas's food, we pre-weighed the veggies.  We wrap the baked potatoes separately and cook those up.  We have diced them and put them in with the other veggies and meat, but that just takes longer to prep.  Yes, we're a little lazy sometimes!

      You can even make toast while camping!

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