Sunday, October 20, 2013

Argentinian Style Tarta de Verduras & Meatless Meal Link Up #26

     I've officially moved on from apple recipes.  Now that the weather is getting colder (still undecided about how I feel on this) I'm craving comfort food.  You know what I mean- warm, filling and delicious meals that just make you feel happy as soon as they enter your mouth.  Most of my comfort foods involve meat, but I'm hoping to change some of that. 
      Our family diet is changing.  We're having a sald day once a week, fish once or twice a week, and a meatless meal at least once a week.  We never really ate a lot of red meat, but we're completely eliminating that from our diet.  So.... getting back to comfort foods, it's hard to come up with some now that our diets changing.  But, I'm thinking that may change with this new recipe!

                                                   A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures

     A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures submitted a recipe that looks delicious and totally a comfort food!  It's an Argentinian Style Tarta de Verduras. For those of us who are Spanish impaired, a tarta is a type of pastryish crust and verduras is spinache.  We LOVE spinache at our house, raw at least.  We've never really eaten cooked spinache, but I'm willing to step out of this box with recipe!  

Don't forget to open up a direct link to the blog to see all of the recipes and to add your own.

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