Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Little Minion Turned 4!

     Lily's been a little obsessed with the minions and Despicable Me lately!  That's all she ever talks about and she's going to be a minion for Halloween.  So, when it came time for planning her party, I knew exactly what to do.  I found so many cute ideas on Pinterest- check out my board here.  Even though there were so many cute ideas, I obviously couldn't do them all.  I narrowed the list down to my favorites and got busy.
     I created a birthday invite, using Microsoft word and free google images.  In order to get the cool movie font, I downloaded the free Las Vegas font.  It looks exactly like the Despicable Me movie font.  I'm sure Lily never noticed, but I did!  Notice the address?  We don't really live at Villain Lane in Gruville.  But some days, I feel like the villain mommy when my voice is gone from all of the yelling to get the kids back on task~  ahhhhhhh

          We got Lily a super CUTE minion hat for one of her gifts.  I had Renee from For The Love Of Scarves make it.  She does excellent work.  I've gotten several hats from her and they've all been perfect. She's local to us, but ships her work worldwide!

     My sister, Jamie made cupcakes and the girls got to turn them into minions.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  We took Little Debbie snacks (twinkie style) and cut them in half.  We used chocolate sprinkles for the hair and black icing to make the faces.  I found candy eyes at Walmart and used those too!

     My mother-in-law made Maddy's low protein brownies for Lily and Thomas.  She wanted their treats to be as cool as everyone else's, so she got super creative.  She added yellow food coloring to the frosting.  The eyes are made from bits of marshmallows and pieces of raisins.  For the hair, she melted tootsie rolls and decorated the heads.  The glasses are painted on with black frosting and the mouths are pieces of licorice!

    I bought Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies and made blue frosting.  Again, I used black icing and the candy eyes.

     I found a minion pinata at Walmart!  It was the last one and I snatched it up.  We also found minion tattoos and filled the pinata up with other goodies from Dollar Tree.

     Even the guests came dressed up.  My sister Andrea came with goggles on and got a huge smile from Lily.  My sisters, Jamie & Stephanie, and both sets of grandparents came with minion shirts on.  Two of her cousins were dressed as the good and the evil minions!  My whole family had minion shirts and Lily and Thomas were dressed as minions!  I couldn't believe how much fun everyone had just getting ready to come to Lily's party.  That's what makes my family PERFECT!

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