Thursday, October 24, 2013

Check Please! Spell Check That is!!

     I would like to get down on my knees and grovvel gravel beg for your forgiveness!  It has come to my attention (Ryan & Fritz!) that my last couple of posts were riddled with spelling and grammar errors.  As a former teacher, that is appalling!  I absolutely hate spelling errors.  The only thing that annoys me more is when people use the wrong word, you're-vs-your, their-vs-there-vs-they're and don't get me started on two-vs-too-vs-to!

     I'd like to blame the kids.  I'm thinking one of them was sitting on my lap while I was typing, but I'm not quite sure.  Maybe they were running around the house destroying it while I begged them to let me finish. (that's more likely) Either way, I've made some mistakes and spell check didn't catch them.
     But that gets me thinking, have you ever seen anything, out in public, that was obviously spelled wrong?  If so, please share and photos are worth bonus points!

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