Tuesday, December 24, 2013

#DIY Fancy Clipboard Tutorial

     While getting ready for my first Origami Owl vendor show, I wanted to make my boring clipboard a little cuter.  I purchased a clipboard from the Dollar Tree.  The clipboard is not plastic, it's more like pressed particle wood/cardboard.  I'm pretty sure that this tutorial would work for a plastic clipboard, but I haven't tried it.

I used scrapbook paper that I had on hand and a can of spray adhesive.  First you need to trace the front and back of your clipboard onto the scrapbook paper and cut it out.

To get the spray adhesive to stick permanently, you need to spray the clipbaord and the paper.  Wait a couple of minutes and then stick them together.  Be careful because once they come into contact with each other, it's hard to take them apart.  A word of advice, do not do this on your bedroom carpet!  It's still sticky after a few weeks.  Oops....we need new carpet anyways!

Back of Clipboard                                   Front of Clipboard

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