Friday, January 10, 2014


    I've decided that with a new year upon me, I want to be a better person.  I say that every year and each year I do my best to make improvements.  Ususally the improvements are to get in better shape, to live for the moments, to spend more time with the kids...etc.  I do want to have these improved in 2014 but I also want to make a conscience effort to make myself and the world better educated on PKU.

      I know the basics of PKU and what I need to do for my children to have a good life.   But I know nothing about research that is happening with PKU.  I pay little attention to insurance/government healthcare and how it affects PKU.  We just get by day-to-day and it works.  So far, my 4 year old knows what she can and can not have.  She knows how to advocate for herself also.  I have been so blessed by her low levels and the easiness of her care that I've taken a lot of things for granted.  That's why I want to be a better PKU parent.  When people ask me questions about their food, their healthcare, advancements- I want to have the correct answers.  This is going to be the biggest change for me in 2014.  Hopefully, I'll have the energy and time to learn more.  A family of 6 is very time consuming!

     Anyways, I want to start 2014 off on the right foot for PKU by having a giveaway!  My little ones enjoy quite a few products by Sanavi.  The kids LOVE all of their cookies and really like the crackers/Tostadas.  So, for the giveaway I have 2 packages of Sanavi Tostadas!  The Tostadas are a light and crunchy bread that is specifically made for people who need to have low protein and amino acid diets- PKU!

     I've found that a lot of low protein food, the packaging is printed in numerous languages!  This is no exception, however the phe content is posted and is easy to find.   For one tostada (6g) there is 0.03g of protein and 1g of phenylalanine!  There is 0.09g of fat and 3g of carbs and 0.4g of sugar!

     The ingredients are wheat starch, corn starch, cane sugar, inulin, vegetable fibre (pea), soy lecithin, sea salt, and natural caramen coloring.  It may contain small traces of gluten and milk derivatives.

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