Friday, December 20, 2013

#DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial

     I made my first infinity scarf!  I was wanting a scarf for the winter that would keep my neck warm withoug causing me to get all itchy and take twn wraps to get around my neck!  So I scoured the interenet and found a couple of tutorials.  Unfortunately, I got half way done only to have them not turn out!  The directions were a little baffling.  So, I'm going to do my very best to recreate the tutorial that I used and corrected, so you won't sew part of your scarf inside-out!  From start to end, it took me about 10 minutes to make each scarf.  Ofcourse the first 2 were a disaster, but once I figured out my mistake it was pretty easy.

I used 1.75 yards of flannel fabric.  This amount will get you 2 scarves.  I cut the fabric in half length wise and had 2 sections that were each 1.75 yards.  Each section makes 1 scarf.

I took one section of the fabric and turned it so that right sides are facing each other.  The fabric is folded so that it is still 1.75 yards in length.

I then sewed along the longest sides of the fabric together. (they're still right sides facing each other)  I left 2 inches at each end.  You will need this to be able to finish your scarf at the end of the tutorial. 

This is where the original tutorial got confusing!  So here we go..... I switched out fabrics because the pictures of the original fabric didn't turn out very well.  Open the fabric so that right sides are facing out and you should have a long tube.  Fold the tube in half so that the openings are touching.

Take the two openings and line up the ends.  You are going to sew the two openings together.  

Sew the two openings together and do your best to keep the fabric even. While you are doing this be careful so that your fabric doesn't get caught in the machine.  This is where the long tube becomes a circle.  

I've switched back to the original fabric.  After sewing the ends together, you should have an opening in the circle (this is from leaving the 2 inches from the beginning of the tutorial).  

The circle is currently inside out, but by reaching into the opening, you can pull the fabric out and the right sides will be facing out.

Your Infinity Scarf is almost finished.  

The only thing left to do is sew up the opening!

Just fold the raw edges in and sew the opening closed.  And you're finished!  

To wear, you put the scarf around your neck and wrap a second time!  For the adult size, I used 1.75 yards for Lily's scarf I used 1.5 yards of fabric.

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