Saturday, January 23, 2016

Custom Email Signature Tutorial

Have you ever thought about advertising your business within your emails?  It's super easy.  You can add an automatic signature to your emails.  That means, every time you write an email, your custom signature will automatically be placed at the end of your emails!  You can add this to your business and personal emails. 
     I use Outlook (hotmail/live) for my personal and business emails.  So, this tutorial will be for that type of email specifically.  However, just about every type of email service has customized signatures!

1.  Click on the gear shape at the top right section of your email.

2.  Click on "Options" on the drop down box.

3.  Click on "Formatting, font, and signature".

4.  Add your personal signature to the open box.  Don't forget your name, title, web address, and phone number.

5.  Save your work and you're done.  Now every time you type an email it will be added to the bottom!

LSP Signature

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