Saturday, January 23, 2016

Letter Bb Preschool Craft

This past week, we worked on the letter B in mommy school.  I have found so many links for us to print things out.  I still plan on posting our lesson plans, but let's face it, I'm busy and the blog is just for life takes priority!  Anyways, I did create a letter B craft.  I made a letter A (alligator) one, but never posted! :(  Hopefully I'll get to it soon.  I'm planning on making something similar for each letter.
     You can print out the letter B craft, for FREE, at my teachers pay teachers store- here.  I cut out the giant letter B and Lily glued it onto construction paper.  She can be very stubborn at times, and only wanted white paper.  So, the pics aren't very colorful, but she's the student after all!

     I explained to Lily that we were turning the letter B into a bear and that the bear was hungry.  Hungry for what?  Letter B and b!  The bottom loop of the letter B is the bear's tummy.  So, she cut out the letters and glued them onto the bear's tummy.

     I cut out strips of brown paper and Lily cut them into little squares. Can you believe our package of construction paper didn't have brown?  So, I ended up using brown wrapping paper.  You could even use lunch or grocery bags.  Lily then glued the squares onto the letter B, to make the brown bear.  This would be a great time to talk about B words- bee, brown, bear, etc.  You could also read one of our favorite books- Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle.

     I cut out the head and paws for Lily, since they're a little tricky.  But Lily being stubborn, didn't like that there was a black outline on the bear's head.  So, she just had to hack it trim it a little.

Here's what Thomas's mommy school looked like today!
(BTW- is it Thomas's or Thomas') 

     Lily, again being stubborn, didn't want to color the head or paws!  You can glue the head of the bear onto the middle of the top loop.  She added the two biggest paws to the bottom of the bottom loop.  When I first made this, Lily was upset that I didn't make any hand paws!  So, the version in my store has feet and hand paws.

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