Saturday, January 23, 2016

FREE Sightword Passwords

      Something that I created to help Lily with her sight words, is the Sight Word Password game!  I printed our sight words onto hand prints.  I cut out the handprints and have them all around our house.  In order for Lily to go into a new room or do something, she has to complete the sightword password!  There are currently 3 hands on the toy room door, 3 hands next to the bathroom light, 3 hands on the outside door, 3 hands at Lily's bedroom, and 3 hands to go upstairs.

     Lily gives the hands a high five as she reads the sight words.  We just finished up the words- a, and, the- so those words are at the doors.  Next week, I'll take out "and" (she has that one totally mastered) and add a new word to the list.  I'll probably put the "and" hand in different places so Lily can still practice it.  She loves this and yells at the big kids if they forget to do the password!  They keep telling her that they already know how to read and she tells them "You're not following the rules.  Passwords are important!"

     I uploaded a FREE copy of our Pre-Primer Sight Word passwords to my Teachers-Pay-Teachers store.  If you're interested in getting your own copy, download them from here.

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