Sunday, February 28, 2016

40 Bags Progress

     When I first started the 40 bags in 40 days, I thought it would be super easy to get the 40 bags done.  And it was at the beginning, but now I'm slowing down.  Mostly because I just don't feel like going through everything in our garages.  It's cold out and wet and I just don't have that desire to start something (that REALLY needs to get done) but to only do it half way because of the weather!  I'm probably going to have to wait until closer to Easter or maybe even after that to tackle the garages.

     Our one car attached garage is basically like a big shed.  We have all of the kids outside toys in there, bikes, freezer (for the PKU food), tools, garbage cans and TWO book shelves overflowing with books!  Yeah, kind of weird to have those there but they just don't fit in the house.  We have an old farm house with little wall space- lots of windows and door frames.  So really, there are no walls to put the shelves up against- they already are being used for the TVs and couches.  So that obviously needs to get gone through and really changed.  Any ideas on ways of storing kid books?

     Our two car unattached garage is basically the bane of my existence!  The good news is that our 2 cars still fit in there.  The bad news is, barely!  We keep our mower, snow blower (that barely works), yard stuff, an extra freezer (just in case the other one quits working), old teaching stuff, outdoor decorations, some furniture from my grandparents' house, and bins of clothes that the little ones will grow in to.  This garage unfortunately fills as our basement!  Over the summer I got rid of ALL of the stuff and clothes that I'd been hanging on to for a garage sale.  I just couldn't stand it anymore and donated all of it.  I'm also at the point where I'm realizing that my excess stuff could be someone's blessing.  And if I think of it that way, it makes it much easier to donate.  It's hard for me to get rid of things because of the memories that are attached.

     This is the big thing that I want to change.  Our basement is a small limestone one but doesn't leak.  It's just that I was always worried that things would smell musty or gross from the basement.  But there are definitely things that could go down there and would be better off there than in the garages.  I would like to put up shelves in the basement and move the clothes bins down there along with some of the decoration bins (Easter baskets, Halloween and fall decorations).  This is why I don't want to start this project until I have enough time to finish it.  I need to do it right, otherwise it's just another project that has to get redone in a few months.

     My goal for this week is to install shelving in the basement, clean out what's already in the basement, and go through the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  Anyways, I probably have thrown away 4 bags and have 10 bags ready for donating.  So, I guess that right on track for being two weeks into Lent.

I found this super cute printable to help you stay on top of what you want to 
work on during Lent.  It's from The Polka Dot Posie.

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