Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beautify Your Blog~ How to Remove the Navbar


     I'm trying to clean up my blog and work on it's appearance so it looks much more professional.  One thing that I didn't really like having and honestly have no idea what it's for is the "Navbar."

     The Navbar is at the top of blogger blogs and are a way to move from one blog to another.  However it really makes the blog look a little sloppy in my opinion.  So here's a super simple tutorial on how to remove the Navbar.

     Go to your dashboard and select the "Layout" tab.  This is where you can see basically a map of your blogger blog.  In the top right of the "Layout", you'll see your "Navbar".  Click on the "Navbar" and then click the "edit" option.  A window will pop up with a variety of options of what you want your "Navbar" to look like.    


     Simply click the opp option and the "Navbar" disappears!  Super easy and it changes the look of your blog. 


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