Tuesday, October 19, 2010


     So, with a baby, we have tons of baby food jars.  I've been saving them for months thinking that I would use them.  Well, Lily's pretty much done with the baby food and I still haven't used them!  Typical.  I now have two cabinet shelves full of empty jars and they need to be upcycled. 
     With it being the Halloween season, I've decided to turn them into little jack-o-lanterns.  Chloe has a Brownie meeting with a Halloween theme this week.  Each family is to create a game or activity for the kids to do and hand out candy.  Instead of sugaring the girls up even more, I'm going to use the baby jars and let the girls have a little fun!
     I removed the lids and cleaned off the sticky goo from the labels.  In order to save time, I decided to paint the jars ahead of the meeting.  Each jar took about 2 coats of acrylic paint.  One coat would work, but they were a little streaky.  Chloe and I decided that the Brownies would be making orange pumpkins, however for home we would make white ghosts and green Frankensteins!  These two were Chloe's ideas.
     Once the paint dried, we made faces using more acrylic paint.  The girls loved it.  We then inserted a small votive candle.  Chloe and I ended up being the favorite station at the Brownie meeting.  Yeah!  Who knows, we might even change it up for other holidays.


  1. Cute! Very fun and good use of baby jars. :)

  2. LOVE that!! I have so many baby food jars that "I am going to do SOMETHING with!" now I have an idea!!


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