Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Back!

     Many moons ago, my in-laws gave us their old kitchen table and chairs.  It was the table that my husband sat at as a kid.  After a few years, our family grew and we needed a larger table, so again it was passed on.  This time to my sisters, as they moved out to college.  Well, the table has returned!

     After college and marriage, my sister didn't need the table and it was stored in my parents' garage.  They just moved, rediscovered the table set, and asked that I take care of it.  I was honestly going to donate it, but my hoarding instincts kicked in.  I thought that the table would be great in a laundry room, as the sides fold down.  Well, that didn't happen.  So it ended up in my garage along with all of my other hoarding treasures!
     That was a few months ago.  After collecting dust, I decided that I would put the bench to good use.  We just moved Lily out of the crib and into a big girl bed.  A big girl bed, in the form of a bunk bed, in the same room as her nine year old sister.  Chloe is great with Lily but I wish that my tween wasn't always stuck with a toddler.  I was determined to make the new room more tween friendly.
     The girls got new comforters from Grandma for Christmas and they aren't babyish.  I let Chloe pick out a few online and I narrowed it down to five.  I let Grandma choose!  I think that the comforters are perfect.  They compliment the room and curtain colors plus they are definitely stylish enough for a tween, yet toddler friendly!
     Now to get back to the bench....I wanted to give Chloe her own little space in the room.  We moved her dresser to the opposite end of the bunk bed.  Which left the perfect space for a bench.  Our old, yet cute potentially cute bench!

     I cleaned the bench and got to work.  I used Watermelon Krylon spray paint.  The same color as the outside chair, see tutorial here.  I was surprised at how much the paint soaked into the bench.  I used the left over can from the chair plus an entire other can!  However, it looked great.

     Next, we needed to take care of the cushion.  Under the grey fabric is a yellow plastic!  Definitely from when my husband was a kid.  I decided that the grey fabric could stay on, as it would help soften the plastic material.  Is plastic even a material?  Chloe wanted peace signs to match her comforter.  We went out to Walmart and found some cute fabric for $3 a yard!

     After cutting the material, we staple gunned it to the back of the cushion.  We saved the corners for last.  Once we got to the corners, we pulled them tight in all directions and went staple crazy!  No one will see the bottom!

     All in all, the project turned out great.  Chloe helped out with every detail and we had fun completing it together.  The new and improved bench matched perfectly and looks great in the room.  It definitely gives a more big girl feel to Chloe's corner!

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