Saturday, April 28, 2012

Father, Daughter

     Ok, I'm only slightly jealous of my daughter, Chloe, tonight!  I know she's only nine, and how could I possibly be jealous, right?  Well, she's spending a few hours with her father.  Just the two of them.  He got all fancied up, wore a tie, bought her a corsage, and took her to her first Father-Daughter dance.  See why I'm jealous now?!
     Chloe was so excited to go and of course a little nervous.  She was worried about what to wear and if her hair looked nice.  She tried to wear make-up, but that wasn't going to fly!  Then she put on a beautiful dress and was totally surprised when Ryan pulled out the corsage!  She actually gasped and jumped into his arms.  At this point, my heart was just swelling.

     I love my children so much and to see how excited Chloe was, just made my heart ache.  And made the jealous streak in me a little bigger.  I wish I was the one getting a special night with my man.  I wish I was the one that he got all prettified for.  I wish I was the one that he was taking out for ice cream.  And, I would love to go dancing with my husband!  Yes, I'm just a little bit jealous of my daughter.  But I'm over the moon that she got to share this evening with just Daddy.  She deserves the attention that he is giving her. 
     It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I had my Father-Daughter dance.  I was a senior, and my sister Andrea was a sophomore.  We got together with a few friends, their dads, my cousin Christy and my uncle.  We went out to eat and danced all night long.  My dad is quite the dancer!  And I don't mean that in the embarrassing sort of way.  He would break dance on the floor to Wipe Out (click for the song)!  And then he'd do the jitter bug and throw us up in the air.  I'm being honest, when I say that my dad stole the show that night! 
     I'm so glad that my beautiful daughter, Chloe, will now be able to have some of these special memories with her dad.  However, I'm pretty sure that Ryan won't be doing any break dancing.  Maybe the robot!

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  1. Such cute pics! Hope they had a great time :)

  2. Hello, I found your page on the PKU Families blog. I have to say that I am so happy to find your page because I have been trying to find someone who was still currently blogging and has a child with PKU. I just gave birth to boy on March 12th (he's my 3rd child, my other 2 are girls) and found out he has PKU. You can come check out my page at


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