Tuesday, May 1, 2012


     I'm a stay at home mom, but that doesn't mean that I'm not busy.  I run two businesses from home, take care of my 2 year old, maintain the house, work on a blog, make crafts for one of the businesses, and sometimes indulge in tv watching.  Well the other day, I was trying to get a few things up and running on one of my websites.  Lily was watching a show in the room next to me.  Don't judge.  Yes, sometimes I bask in the few minutes that I get to work while Lily, mindlessly watching "educational" television!
     After a few minutes (ok, maybe more like 10) I notice that Lily's really quiet.  Not the type of quiet that means she's enjoying her show.  More like the quiet, that resembles "if I breathe, mom might notice something is up."  So I peek into the doorway and this is what I saw...

     Instantly, I gasped and asked "Lily, what are you doing?"  She innocently replied "I jus tyin to help, mama."  Now, how could I be upset with that!  I cleaned her up the best I could then threw her in the tub (for the second time that day)!  I foolishly tried to vacuum the carpet.  I think that may have made it worse!  Eventually, it did get clean and now our Living Room carpet smells powdery fresh!

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