Friday, May 4, 2012

Sponsor Love~ Delivered Pet

     I'd like to welcome Delivered Pet as our NEWest sponsor!  After checking out their online store, I've found about a gazillion items that I could get for our dog, Taylor, or our cat, Spooky.  I know I don't have too many pics of the little pets, but that's mostly because they don't sit still.  Apparently, we were meant to be, because the animals are just as energetic as the kids!

     Anyway, Delivered Pet carries just about everything you need for your pet.  And I'm not just talking about cats and dogs.  There are items for horses, lizards, snakes, and even farm animals!  No little or big critter has been forgotten.
I had no idea you could walk a ferret!

     Here are a few of the items that I would like to see in our house.....

Isn't this just adorable?

Loooooove this!

     I'm not sure the hubby would go for the pink stroller, but I could totally see us getting the cat window perch.  Spooky loves looking out the winder and harassing all of the dogs that pass by!  Really she does!  And if she misses one of the passing dogs, then Taylor has her back!  Our house does get a little crazy at times. 

Andrew, Lily, Taylor, and Chloe
     Delivered Pet also carries medical supplies and prescription medications for your pets!  Anything that you would need to care for your furry or scaly friend, they have.  If you need a prescription, just fax them your Vet's prescription and they can send you the medication!  Talk about easy peasy.
     So, if you're needing something totally normal for your pet or something a little exotic, please stop by their online store and take a look.  They can also be found on facebook and twitter

Here's a couple of pics of our furry family members!

Lily chasing Spooky!

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