Friday, June 21, 2013

#PKU Friendly Whipped Topping!

     Who doesn't love whipped topping.  I mean come on.  Shaking the can and spraying it into your mouth!  Loading your jello with the creamy goodness.  Well Lily hadn't been able to experience any of that until we discovered a spray "whipped cream."  She can have the whipped cream that comes in a plastic bowl, but there's something special about being able to spray the whipped cream in your mouth!
     We ordered Soyatoo's Rice Whip from Lil's Dietary Shop.  Just so you know, you need to read all of the directions before using.  You store the Rice Whip in the fridge, but it needs to be removed from the fridge about 10 minutes before you use it.  You also need to store the container upside down in the fridge.  

     Lily absolutely LOVED it.  She thought it was hilarious when I offered to spray it into her mouth.  I tried the rice whip and it's sweet, but definitely has a rice after taste to it.  I didn't mind the taste, but I just wasn't ready for it.  We ended up spraying the rice whip on regular honey graham crackers.  (Lily was a little short on phe, so this helped catch her up. 1/2 of a honey graham cracker = 26 phe )  The rice whip was the constancy of regular spray whipped cream!

     I wasn't able to find out much info on the Soyatoo's Rice Whip because the website is in German!  However according to Lil's Dietary Shop, there's not much phe in the product- Protein 0.1 g, phe 2 mg per serving.  That's 1 phe for 1 tbsp.

     Here's the Rice Whip ingredients according to Lil's:  Organic rice milk (water, organic rice syrup, organic rice starch, organic rice flour), coconut oil, organic maltodextrin from rice, tartaric acid, carageenan and gum arabic (thickeners), sea salt. Propellant: nitrous oxide.

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