Thursday, August 1, 2013

#DIY Sun Catcher Tutorial

     A couple of weeks ago, we made our very own sun catchers!  Chloe, Lily, and my niece ,Addi, were getting bored since it was raining out.  That's when I remembered a neat craft from a blog that I follow- We Are That Family.  We had everything we needed on hand and it was super easy.  The only downside was the smell!


Fishing Line
Metal Cupcake Pans
Plastic Pony Beads

     We layered the bottom of the cupcake tins with the plastic pony beads.  You can get these at any craft store, Walmart, and even the Dollar Tree!  After awhile, we tried using a few other beads that we had on hand.  Most of them melted just fine.  The ones that didn't melt all the way were the white square ones with letters on them!  But Chloe didn't mind, she thought they were pretty cool.


1.  Put 1 layer of the plastic pony beads on the bottom of the metal cupcake tins.
     (we also used a small round cake pan)

2.  Bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.  This is where the smell comes in!  As the beads are melting, they put off a nasty smell.  We opened our windows and had the fan on.

3.  Once the beads are melted, remove from the oven and let cool.  Once the pans are completely cool, you just pop the sun catchers out!  We had no problem- turn the tins upside down, give a little wiggle and they fall right out.

4.  We used fishing line and tape to make the sun catchers.  The instructions at We Are That Family- used a drill to make a small hole in the plastic and then used fishing line.  We didn't have a small enough bit, so we just used tape.


5.  To attach them all together, I used the lid of one of our formula cans and taped the circles on.  Then I attached to the front porch with a tack.

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