Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Turkey Day #DIY Craft!

     I got a little craft bug the other day and decided to make the kids Thanksgiving Turkey shirts.  Not just my kids, but my 3 little nephews.  I basically made them similar to the onesies that I made in the spring~ here.  I found a tie outline on google, printed it out and used that as my template.  For the eyes, beak, and waddle, I just free handed them.  I also used black paint (purchased in the craft section of Walmart) for the pupils.  For Lily's shirt, she couldn't have a tie!  So, again I google a letter L outline and used that as my template.  I also made a hair clip for Lily's turkey!
     For the hair clip, I cut out circles of tulle.  I then used a candle flame to melt the edges of the tulle, so it would curl in and not unravel.  I used thread and basically sewed little beads to the inside of the tulle flower and this attached each piece of tulle to one another.  To attach it to the shirt, I just used a safety pin!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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