Saturday, January 23, 2016

Updating Your Jamberry Dashboard

Have you tried the Customers tab in your Jamberry Dashboard?  Did you even know there was a Customers tab?  I've been with Jamberry for 4 months and JUST NOW realized that we have this tab!!  Seriously?!  I always thought that we should have a tab to keep track of our guests other than just clicking on our Orders tab.  Well duh, there is a way!

     Just in case you're like me and a little clueless about the Dashboard accessories, I'm going to walk you through it!

1.  Log in to your Dashboard and click on the "My Team" tab, here is where you'll find your "Customers" section

2.  This is where you'll find a complete list of all of your Customers!  I've blocked out last names for privacy

3.  When you click on each individual customer, you'll find a complete history for them.  All of the parties that have booked off of them, their history of orders, personal email and address.  The only thing missing is their phone number.  I really wish this was listed, so I could contact my customers (who only order online) and check up on them later.   

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