Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not Over Yet

     Even though Lent is over my 40 Bags in 40 Days isn't!  The weather put a HUGE damper on my to-do list.  We're now in to April and we're still getting temps below 40 and snow!  So my biggest challenge ALWAYS is our main, two car garage.  I know I've talked about it before here, here, here, and here!  Obviously it's like a broken record.  But let me just say that our garage is like your basement and your garage.  We don't use our basement (small, limestone, dirt floor) so everything that you would normally store in a basement and a garage, goes in to just our garage.  That would explain the hodge podge of stuff in here.

     You'll find our bikes, strollers, lawn mower, snow blower, lawn chairs, outside toys, gardening stuff, plus all decorations (indoor and outdoor Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc), bins of clothes that the older kids have outgrown but the younger ones aren't ready for yet and a few pieces of furniture (table, chairs, book shelf).  I also have about 35 bags of donation items waiting to be brought to Rockford Rescue Mission Restore.
     I've been emotionally ready to tackle this problem for once and for all, but Mother Nature just isn't cooperating!  I'm hoping that next week, I can clear out just move one side of stuff over to the other
side.  That means that I won't be able to park in the garage, just Ryan, but I need to clear out the back so I can build some permanent shelves.  Here is the tutorial that I plan on following.  

      I clean out the garage every spring, because once winter hits we just throw everything in there.  But this time, I want to do it right.  I figure if we have shelves big enough to hold the bins of clothes and decorations then we won't throw things in there because they're buried.  We'll be able to get to the correct bin easily.  Most of the time, I have 3 bins stacked on top of each other so once it gets cold, I don't want to be in the garage to unstack them, put away something, and restack them.  I'm definitely going to build one of these shelves, maybe even two of them!
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