Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update: Lent Spring Cleaning! #40bags40days

     OK, so I started working on some of this list over a month ago but it came to a standstill.  So, here we are and now I'm on a roll.  The girls got new carpeting in their room this week and that meant that EVERYTHING needed to be removed from their room.  Perfect timing for going through things before they got put back.  I ended up getting 4 kitchen garbage bags of clothes, toys, stuffed animals, and who knows what of stuff to donate.  Chloe actually ended up helping with all of it.  I can not stress enough how good it feels to eliminate excess stuff! 
     I still have everything in the garage because it wouldn't all fit in the van to donate.  I put a call into the Salvation Army and they'll come out and pick everything up free of charge!  It feels great marking things off of the list.  40 bags in 40 days, here we come!

Here's my list of "extra" purging/cleaning areas.....

1. Kitchen- clean out & organize cabinets
2. Kitchen- hard core scrubbing of cabinets, woodwork, and light fixtures
3. Kitchen- scrubbing of walls and caulk around counter tops
4. Kitchen- touch up painting and scrub calcium water stains around faucet
5. Laundry/Mud Room- go through board games, coats, hats, gloves
6. Toy Room- clean out & organize toys
7. Toy Room- clean out & organize toys
8. Toy Room- finish picture wall & other wall art
9. Downstairs Bath- clean out & organize cabinets
10. Downstairs Bath- hardcore cleaning
11. Living Room- clean out movies, video games
12. Living Room- clean out & organize kids' books
13. Living Room- clean out stuffed animals
14. Sewing Room- clean out fabric, crafts drawers, & Andrew's Legos
15. Upstairs' Bath- clean out & organize closet and cabinets
16. Upstairs' Bath- hardcore cleaning
17. Master Bedroom- clean out & organize dresser drawers
18. Master Bedroom- clean out closet
19. Master Bedroom- clean out & organize closet
20. Master Bedroom- hang up wall art
21. Andrew's Room- clean out & organize dresser and desk drawers
22. Andrew's Room- clean out & organize closet
23. Andrew's Room- clean out under bed
24. Chloe & Lily's Room- clean out & organize closet
25. Chloe & Lily's Room- clean out under bed
26. Chloe & Lily's Room- clean out & organize dressers
27. Small Garage- clean out freezer
28. Small Garage- clean out book shelf
29. Small Garage- clean out shelves
30. Small Garage- organize
31-40. Large Garage- clean out (this garage is basically our basement- FULL of stuff)

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  1. you're making great progress on that list, keep up the awesome work!

  2. Doesn't it feel great to be able to cross things off your list? It is a "bonus" to 40 Days, 40 Bags I think.Great work!


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